What is a Winamp Original Collectible?


Winamp Originals are designed to give your listeners the truest representation of your music, unaltered by normalization, equalization, or compression.


A Winamp Original is a digital collectible that:

  • Includes a link to your Original version of your Audio file, your master, a file that has not been normalized, equalized, or compressed
  • Includes a link to legal terms that ensure you reserve all rights to the track
  • Includes a link to a AAC compressed version of your Audio file to ease up remote listening
  • Includes your cover for the track
  • Includes metadata from your track such as title, description, music genre, and more (see track metadata below for the possible exhaustive list of information listed)

To better your and your fans' experience, Winamp makes use of Web3 technologies. Every Winamp Original Collectible is an NFT and as a result, they come with:

  • Proof of Authenticity, where the NFT serves as a digital certificate of authenticity, ensuring that the artwork is genuine and not a counterfeit
  • Royalties, helping you, as a Creator receive a percentage of sales whenever the artwork is resold on secondary markets
  • Immutable Provenance, where every sale or transfer of an NFT is recorded on the blockchain, creating a transparent and tamper-proof history of the artwork's ownership
  • Rarity, ensuring scarcity in a way that's transparent and verifiable. In the case of Winamp Original, there will be only 1 original version of your artwork tied to the blockchain
  • Digital Preservation: Unlike physical art which can degrade over time, digital artworks represented by NFTs can remain pristine indefinitely
  • Marketplace: NFT marketplaces enable artists to reach a global audience without the need for traditional galleries or intermediaries. Winamp will only make sure your NFT gets listed on marketplaces that pay royalties. 




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