My Music was assigned to a wrong profile?

Since channels are the ones that automatically assign releases to artist profiles, when a release is distributed, it may happen that it is assigned to an incorrect artist profile.

It can also happen that the channel creates a new artist profile, when a previous correct one already existed. These incidents usually occur with artist profiles with identical or similar names, as channels create and organize them automatically.

In the following article you will get the instructions to follow to solve these situations, either by contacting the channels to fix it or by providing the necessary information about the tools that the channels have to solve these cases.

How to request a profile transfer or a new profile?

Some channels have enabled the option to request a new profile or relocate their content from their own applications, while others can be contacted through Winamp.

Channels that manage the modifications independently

The following channels have their own forms or tools to relocate content:


Create an account on the Amazon Music for Artists platform (it doesn't matter if the artists are already verified or not). Afterwards Fill in the form

Apple Music:

Create an Apple ID (it doesn't matter if the artists are already verified or not. In the second case, it will help them to get verified later). Afterwards fill in the form


If you have their own and/or verified profile) fill in the form or If they do not have their own and/or verified profile


Fill in the form If in the process of verifying your artist find any problems, contact:


Fill in the form


Contact Winamp specifying the content to be relocated to the new page, a biography, and a photo for the account.

White Label Form

If you need to relocate your content or create a new profile which do not manage the modifications independently you can reach out to us. As soon as we received the information, we’ll contact the channels directly and ask them to solve the misunderstanding.


These processes can take up to 15 days, however, this depends on the case and the times of each channel to manage this type of request.












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