What are the requirements for capitalisation and writing rules?

  • Nonstandard capitalization. Titles have to contain capital letters at the beginning of each sentence and in proper names. Each language has its own requirements in the use of capital letters. Generally speaking, full capitalization or full lowercase is not accepted unless we are talking about cacophonies, acronyms or specific cases which are previously communicated to our Support team - please, note that in cases where it is permitted distribution to some channels like iTunes might be deactivated.

  • Accents and required characters. All Western languages ​​should include all appropriate accents and characters, as required by the correct spelling of each language respectively. Spelling mistakes will be only allowed if it is possible to argue any premeditation in certain contexts.

  • Abbreviation. The words "Part" and "Volume" should be abbreviated as "Pt." and "Vol.".The titles that require the use of any of those two words should have the following format: "Title, Vol. X" and "Title, Pt. X" (where "X" is a number). The use of abbreviations will be mandatory when there is an homonymous topics succession in different parts, or when there is a numerical succession with same titles songs. The use of Arabic or Roman numbers can be chosen by the user, but its use will have to be consistent along the album. Preferably the expression "Pt." has to be used only for tracks and "Vol." just for albums, with the exception of the singles, where is better to omit the expression "Vol." unless it belongs to the real track title.

  • Use of special characters. Special characters use (as $, ¢, ∞, ¬, _, +, =, ≠, ´‚ `, *, etc.) will not be generally accepted unless the content has been previously by the channels or there is a justified reason for their use. We recommend contacting our Support team prior to the distribution of the content to assess the formatting of the metadata in some exceptional cases. Please, note that some of that content might not be accepted by certain channels like iTunes.




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