The following paragraph outlines the process an artist can use to distribute their album to over 35 digital music services, also known as online music stores or DSPs (Digital Service Providers).

If it's your first time using Winamp Distribution, make sure to navigate to the "Distribution" section. You can find it on the left side under the "Services" tab. This will display the necessary page for setting up your distribution.


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Next, select the collection you wish to release (currently, we only distribute audio tracks). If you don't have a collection yet and need guidance on how to create one make sure to visit the Frequently Asked Question page "Winamp Collection". 


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In this case we’ve already created several collections. Once you've selected the collection you want to submit for release, you'll need to fill out the necessary information to complete your submission. This includes:

  • Release Information (Default 7 - 10 days)
  • Download Pricing 
  • Release Partners (Atm - only available distribute to all)

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After confirming by clicking "Distribute to DSP," you will be redirected to the distribution overview page. Here, you can track the progress of your release, which will be highlighted by different statuses.


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