How to create a Tier ?

Before creating a Tier, you'll need to purchase a Subscription. Don’t worry, the first year, we offer you the subscription fee free of charge meaning you have to fill in the subscription form but nothing will be charged.

  • If you already have a full “Creator Page” go to your “Creator Setting” and the section “Subscription”.

  • If you haven’t create a “Creator Page” yet: go to “How Do I create my Creator Page”.

It’s important to have a complete and relevant Creator Page, otherwise, the Fans won’t subscribe!

Once your full profile has been created, you must now define the "Tier." A tier is a subscription level, giving access to different benefits according to what has been defined for each level. Define their name, the amount to be paid to have access to them, and the benefits included.

How to create a Tier?

In the section "Winamp Fanzone," click on "Tiers"

Click "Create a Tier" and complete Tier information: name and short description.

You will be able to create 2 Tiers at this stage. for each Tier you must define the price of the Tier. The price/month must be between 1,00 EUR/$/£ and 999EUR/$/£. To respect User rights, changing the tier price will not affect existing subscribers, only newcomers.

Define the benefit(s) of this Tier: define the benefits available to your subscribers. Benefits can be exclusive content or assets. All contents of the lowest tier will be automatically included in the highest tier. Examples of benefits: newsletter, social media content, track, etc.

Click "Save for later" or "Publish tier"




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