What should I include in my creator bio?

Who is that artist?

Introducing yourself to people whom you have never met before can be a tricky task. What should you say? Which words should you use? Is it ok to reveal everything in one go, or remain mysterious?

It may be very helpful to talk to your audience as if they were in front of you. This way you avoid writing a description that is too formal. You don’t need to include your whole career path in music.

Imagine you tell your story or a funny anecdote. What would interested your audience?

Anyway, keep always your artist description light and relevant.

Find the right inspiration

Do you have a curious artist name? Tell us how it came to be.

Are you combining two music genres that are a bit unusual? Tell us how you got the idea.

Do you spend a lot of time writing your lyrics? Tell us what inspires you.

Are you composing stock music for synchronisation with videos? Write a few words about how you are trying to offer the best quality for each mood.

Think of your description as the trailer of a film. It is a little preview of what can be expected. And remember the more creative, the better! 

Some notes on style 

Once you have written your description, reread it, and compare it with our checklist:

  • Avoid repetition

  • Use short sentences - If you use long sentences, (a) the reader is more likely to get lost and (b) google translation is more likely to make errors. Separate your long sentences into several short sentences. One sentence should contain one idea

  • Read your text out loud - Does your text come flow easily over your lips? Or do you get stuck with some words? Change complicated words and try to reformulate complicated sentences

  • Run your text through a spell-checker - A good description should have no grammatical errors. Use a free online spell-checker, like Grammarly to check your final version. Adapt accordingly




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