The right name for the right artist: What are the three most important things listeners are looking for in any music streaming page?

  • The Artist name
  • The Track / Album name
  • The Artwork.

Many artists choose their own names. But if you want to choose an artist name, some thought should go into this. Stop worrying and start looking for inspiration below.

Some Brainstorm ideas

  • What do you associate with your music? Write down all of the names and adjectives that come to mind.
  • Create a word game. Combine two words that are meaningful to your music. Play around with different combinations and see what sounds good.
  • Use a word from a different language. Some languages have words with meanings that don't exist in English and can be a great inspiration.
  • Did your band have some funny experiences that keep you guys together? Let that influence your name.

Where to add or change your Artist Name?

If you already have a profile but wish to update your artist name, please go to your Fanzone Profile. From there, select "Edit Artist Info" to make the desired changes.


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