Winamp Fanzone strengthens your connection with loyal listeners by enabling you to design your own subscription plans and offer exclusive content to your most dedicated fans.


Create an appealing Fanzone profile: Your public profile is the storefront of your artist page. Adding a profile picture, cover picture, and an excellent bio will attract the maximum number of users and fans in your tier.


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Develop one or multiple subscription tiers : A tier on Winamp is a membership level you offer to your listeners, each with its unique set of benefits and pricing. Consider adding a free tier to attract curious listeners and convert them into loyal fans.


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Choose appropriate benefits for each tier : Once your tiers are created, you will have to define the type of content your fans will have access to; these are the benefits. All contents of the lowest tier will be automatically included in the highest tier.

Here are some examples of what you can offer in your tier:

  • Access to the new releases in preview
  • Unreleased content (tracks, mixes...)
  • Exclusive content access
  • Exclusive performances ( private concerts, demos...)
  • 1 free concert ticket per month
  • Behind the scene content
  • Livestream

Regularly create and share posts : To keep your fans engaged and informed about the latest updates, and to ensure they stay subscribed, remember to post regularly with a variety of content.


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Cultivate your Fanzone community : grow your community of dedicated fans within the Winamp Fanzone. This involves engaging with your listeners, fostering a sense of belonging, and creating an interactive environment where fans feel valued and connected.





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