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Last Updated: Dec 04, 2013 12:56PM CET

Winamp Cloud development is currently on hold.

What is Winamp Cloud?

At Winamp, we understand that your music lives in multiple places. Whether it is on a personal computer, mobile phone, networked drive or a cloud storage locker, access to all your music can be difficult without continuously moving music around your various devices. Well, with Winamp Cloud, our mission is to help you easily access all your music libraries wherever they are stored. Winamp Cloud will allow you to aggregate and manage your entire music library with our cloud service from the following sources: Winamp Media Player on PC, Mac (in development), Android and even add to your library directly from our new Cloud Player.

Cloud Setup - How Do I get an Account?

Winamp Cloud service is currently an invite-only beta service. To be added to the waitlist, please register for the service here. We will be releasing invites over the next few months. Look out for your invite email from after you have been added to the waitlist.

Winamp Cloud Beta - What Can I Do with Beta?

Once you are invited into the Winamp Cloud service you will be able to start unifying your music library across your multiple Winamp clients and devices. Take these steps to enable cloud on your Winamp Media Players.

Winamp for PC

  1. Download the latest Winamp for Windows 5.7 from <>
  2. Sign into Winamp Cloud from the new Cloud Source node in the media library navigation
  3. Select the “Add to Winamp Cloud” on the Cloud Sources view once logged in.
  4. You will now be able to sync

Winamp Cloud Subscriptions

As part of your registration for the Winamp Cloud service, you will be asked to set up a billing account. You must enter a valid payment method and you must be authorized to use the payment method supplied. Your account will be billed at the end of any trial period from the date the Winamp Cloud service was registered and for annual renewals thereafter unless you cancel your service. Winamp will automatically bill your payment method year on the calendar day corresponding to the commencement of your Winamp Cloud service. Winamp will bill the annual subscription amount plus any applicable tax to the payment method you provide.

All charges will be in advance. Any failure to pay the charges when due may result, at Winamp’s discretion, in the disabling or termination of your access and use of Winamp Cloud. You must keep all billing information current and correct.

Your access to and use of the Winamp Cloud service shall be for an annual term, and will auto renew for successive periods of the same length, unless you cancel your service.

Winamp may change the pricing and payment terms for the Winamp Cloud service at any time in its sole discretion. Winamp will publish any changes prior to when they take effect, and unless you properly cancel, any changes will go into effect at the end of your existing cloud service term.

Subscription Plan Changes

You will be able to upgrade or downgrade your subscription during your Winamp Cloud service subscription period. Should you elect to upgrade or downgrade your service level, the commencement date for your next subscription renewal period will be reset from the date of service level change. For example, if you began your annual subscription on March 3rd, your next payment would be due on March 3rd the following year. On June 22, you upgrade your Winamp service to a higher service level and pay the new amount associated with the upgraded service you have selected, your next payment would then be due on June 22 in the following year.

If you are switching from a Winamp Cloud service, any remaining balance will be automatically applied to cost of your new plan or prorated toward future payments.

It is your responsibility to keep your contact information and payment information current and updated.

Cancelling Your Account

You may cancel your Winamp Cloud service at anytime, and cancellation will be effective at the end of your current subscription term. Please note that you will not be issued a refund when cancelling your account. All charges are non-refundable and no refunds are provided.

Deleting Your Account

You may delete your Winamp Cloud service at any anytime. Deleting your service will be effective immediately and your will no longer have access to your service. Please note that you will not be issued a refund for any used portion of your service when confirming a service deletion.
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