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Upgrading the DNAS

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2017 01:37AM CET

How to upgrade to the latest DNAS from an older version...

  1. If not done so already, register your DNAS station in the SHOUTcast RMO *
  2. Download the latest DNAS via the link in the RMO
  3. Stop your current broadcast and close the SHOUTcast DNAS (sc_serv)
  4. Run the DNAS installer and follow the upgrade instructions
  5. If upgrading from an older v1.x version, copy your new AuthHash from the RMO into the DNAS admin
  6. Restart the DNAS (sc_serv) and start sending your stream again
Note: If your station is being hosted by a 3rd-party hosting provider then you will need to ask your hosting provider to upgrade you to the latest DNAS.
If you are upgrading from v1.x to v2.5.x and are therefore using an AuthHash for the first time, some hosting providers will allow you access to the DNAS admin pages so you can input your AuthHash, but if they don't, then you will also need to ask them to input your AuthHash.
* Note that all v2.x versions used the AuthHash system, so if upgrading from an older v2.x version to the latest v2.5.x version and you want to keep your already-existing SHOUTcast Directory listing, then you should copy your existing AuthHash from the DNAS admin page into the Registration Form in the RMO. However, old v1.x versions did NOT use the AuthHash system, so when upgrading from v1.x to latest v2.5.x, you would need to leave the AuthHash field blank on the Registration Form and let the system generate a new AuthHash for you.

Why upgrade to the latest version of DNAS? What are the benefits of using DNAS v2.5.x over v1.9.8?

  1. Exclusive, guaranteed and accurate listing in the SHOUTcast YP
  2. Exclusive listing in the Radionomy Directory
  3. Support for multiple streams, improved security, better control and more functionality...
  4. Support for RMO stats, statistics relay, impressions, embeddable html5 player, monetization (optional), mobile app, tech support... and more - and all for free :)

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