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How to Trigger Ads

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2017 06:31PM CEST

Monetization of SHOUTcast Streaming Service (SCSS) and DNAS v2.5+ stations

To trigger the ads, you need to insert trigger files into your playlists.

Currently, the trigger files need to be exactly 2 minutes (120 seconds) in length.

It helps if you have a few songs in your collection that already meet the criteria, though you can use any editing software such as MP3Trim or Audacity etc to edit the length to exactly 120 seconds.

Although you can insert up to 5 triggers per hour (eg. one every 12 minutes), the screenshot example below shows the insertion of the triggers approximately once every 30 minutes:

Insert Ad Triggers in Playlist

The screenshot shows how to do it with Winamp.
Instructions for other players / broadcasting software / encoders might differ slightly.

After you insert the trigger files, you need to edit the Metadata accordingly...

In Winamp, right-click the playlist entry and select "Edit File Info (Alt+3)"

Make sure that the metadata for both the Artist and Title fields is: Advert:

Edit Metadata

It must be Advert: with the capital A at the beginning and the colon on the end.

For DNAS v2.5.1 and newer, you can also use Advert!
(i.e. an exclamation mark at the end instead of the colon).

Now, as long as your DNAS v2..5 (or newer) station and authhash is registered in the RMO (obviously, all SCSS stations are automatically registered in the RMO, but DNAS stations need to be added manually by the broadcasters), your station will trigger ads for listeners in monetized countries.

Monetized countries are:
USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, UK, Ireland, France,
Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Switzerland.

More countries to follow later, starting with: Italy (approx. May 2017).

Listeners in those countries will hear our ads.

Listeners in all other countries will hear the content of your trigger files only.

This is why it is important for your trigger files to have audio content.
The audio can be anything, from music, to station idents & PAs, etc.

Note: DNAS stations must be using DNAS v2.5.x or newer for monetization (and RMO Stats) to work.

Any problems?
Use the contact form (linked on the right) to request assistance.
Be sure to include as much detailed info as possible
(RMO email address, station name, stream url, config screenshots, etc).


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